Fugetaboutit! Competition Registration Opens

Registration is now open for The Barley Mob’s BJCP sanctioned competition, Fugetaboutit!


You can now register your entries and register to judge, steward, or volunteer.

The competition is limited to the first 200 paid entries.

Final judging for Fugetaboutit! as well as the awards ceremony and an awesome raffle will be held on Saturday November 6 at Pax Breu Rium at 516 E. Main St. Chattanooga TN 37408.

February 2021 Meeting

Our February meeting will once again be virtual. Tuesday February 16th at 6:30 pm. Watch this space for the Zoom link.

As the weather improves and the vaccine rollout continues, we hope to meet in person again as soon as we can.

This month we will discuss the progress of the barrel project, announce the contest to name the barrel-aged Barley Wine and present information on the National Homebrew Competition (shipping to the competition is free for club members!)

Hope to see you then.

2021 Membership Dues

The dues for your 2021 membership with the Barley Mob Brewers are now due. Membership costs are $30 for an individual membership and $40 for a family membership. You can pay via the Paypal link at the bottom left-had side of this page, or you can make arrangements with Mark Gregory to pay with cash, check or other negotiable assets. If you joined the club in October, November or December 2020, you are not required to pay dues, as we allow your 2020 membership to carryover. Final notice will go out at the end of February. If you don’t pay, you will be removed from the email list and be forced to drink seltzers.

Membership perks include:

  • 10% discount on homebrew supplies at Beverage World
  • Free shipping of entries to homebrew competitions
  • Bulk grain and bulk hop buys
  • Insurance at all club functions
  • Bottle(s) of the English Barleywine aged in Chattanooga Whiskey Barrel
  • Knowledge, knowledge and knowledge
  • Other benefits I can’t think of at the moment

Peach State Brew-Off Results


Congratulations to Barley Mob Brewers Mark Gregory, Paul Cahill, Jacob Evers, Andy Perkins and Scott Phillips for bringing home medals from the Peach State Brew-Off. Peach State entries tend to be very high quality and medals are hard to come by. Nice work Mobsters!

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

Club Winner (23 Participating Clubs)

Place Club 1st 2nd 3rd Score
 1st Covert Hops Society 3 4 10 27

Tie-breakers have been applied in accordance with the scoring methodology.

Winning Entries

Table 1: Light American Beers (12 entries)

Table 2: Czech and International Lagers (8 entries)

Table 3: Pale Malty European Lagers (5 entries)

Table 4: Pale Bitter European Beers (5 entries)

Table 5: Amber Malty European Lager (10 entries)

Table 6: Amber Bitter European Beer (6 entries)

Table 7: Dark / Strong European Beer (7 entries)

Table 8: German Wheat Beer (9 entries)

Table 9: British Bitter (7 entries)

Table 10: Pale Commonwealth Beer (6 entries)

Table 11: Brown British Beer (8 entries)

Table 12: Scottish and English Dark Ale (8 entries)

Table 13: Irish Red Ales (10 entries)

Table 14: Irish Stouts (4 entries)

Table 15: Dark British Beer (Stout) (23 entries)

Table 16: Strong British Ale (11 entries)

Table 17: American Blonde and Amber Ales (8 entries)

Table 18: American Pale Ale (20 entries)

Table 19: American Brown and California Common Ales (8 entries)

Table 20: American Porter (11 entries)

Table 21: American Stout (9 entries)

Table 22: American IPA (23 entries)

Table 23: Specialty IPA (14 entries)

Table 24: Other IPA (14 entries)

Table 25: Strong American Ale (10 entries)

Table 26: European Sour Ale (10 entries)

Table 27: Belgian Ale (4 entries)

Table 28: Strong Belgian Ale (16 entries)

Table 29: Trappist Ale (12 entries)

Table 30: Historical Beer (5 entries)

Table 31: American Wild Ale (11 entries)

Table 32: Fruit Beer (16 entries)

Table 33: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer (14 entries)

Table 34: Seasonal Spiced or Alternative Fermentable Beer (9 entries)

Table 35: Smoked Beer (3 entries)

Table 36: Wood-Aged Beer (11 entries)

Table 37: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer (11 entries)

Table 38: Specialty Beer (9 entries)

Table 39: Ciders (6 entries)

Table 40: Meads (13 entries)

Extravaganza! Competition Results

Congratulations to Barley Mob members Mark Gregory, Paul Cahill, Jacob Evers and Scott Phillips who each brought home medals from Bluff City Brewers & Connoissuers’ Extravaganza! competition in Memphis. A great start to the 2018 Mid-South Series!


Best of Show – Beer

Winning Entries

Category 1: Standard American Beer (3 entries)

Category 2: International Lager (1 entry)

Category 3: Czech Lager (3 entries)

Category 4: Pale Malty European Lager (3 entries)

Category 5: Pale Bitter European Beer (3 entries)

Category 6: Amber Malty European Lager (6 entries)

Category 7: Amber Bitter European Beer (7 entries)

Category 8: Dark European Lager (5 entries)

Category 9: Strong European Beer (4 entries)

Category 10: German Wheat Beer (7 entries)

Category 11: British Bitter (10 entries)

Category 12: Pale Commonwealth Beer (3 entries)

Category 13: Brown British Beer (8 entries)

Category 14: Scottish Ale (6 entries)

Category 15: Irish Beer (8 entries)

Category 16: Dark British Beer (10 entries)

Category 17: Strong British Ale (7 entries)

Category 18: Pale American Ale (12 entries)

Category 19: Amber and Brown American Beer (12 entries)

Category 20: American Porter and Stout (13 entries)

Category 21: IPA (26 entries)

Category 22: Strong American Ale (5 entries)

Category 23: European Sour Ale (8 entries)

Category 24: Belgian Ale (3 entries)

Category 25: Strong Belgian Ale (17 entries)

Category 26: Trappist Ale (16 entries)

Category 27: Historical Beer (5 entries)

Category 28: American Wild Ale (9 entries)

Category 29: Fruit Beer (5 entries)

Category 30: Spiced Beer (27 entries)

Category 32: Smoked Beer (4 entries)

Category 33: Wood Beer (9 entries)

Category C1: Standard Cider and Perry (1 entry)

Category C2: Specialty Cider and Perry (8 entries)

Category M1: Traditional Mead (1 entry)

Category M3: Spiced Mead (2 entries)

Category M4: Specialty Mead (4 entries)