Welcome to The Barley Mob! Here is some information that you should find helpful as a new member.

Where can I find information about the Barley Mob?

– We communicate through various methods. The primary method of communication is our email list. If you have something you’d like to discuss with other members, just send an email to: brewers @ barleymob.com. This will send your message out to all of our members. In addition, when you become a member, you become one of those brewers and will receive all emails addressed as such.

– Another method of communication and dialog is our Facebook and Twitter pages:

– And finally, our official website is located at: www.barleymob.com
The website is where you can pay your dues and access the club calendar, both in the sidebar.

What benefits do I receive as a member of the Barley Mob?

Club benefits include (but are not limited to):

– Free shipping of entries to Mid-South Series Competitions (www.midsouthbrewer.com)
– Annual Bulk Grain Buy, the opportunity to order base malts at a significant discount through one of our brewery partners, specifically the Chattanooga Brewing Company.
– Discounts on homebrew ingredients and equipment at Beverage World in Ft. Oglethorpe, GA. 5% off under $50, 10% off over $50.
– Discounted or free attendance to beer events (when you donate beer)
– Ability to participate in Pro-Am events with our local partners.

What in the world is a Fugetaboutit?!?

Fugetaboutit is the annual competition put on and hosted by the Barley Mob. It occurs in September. The competition itself is a simple concept: enter a better beer than the others and win a medal. Once the judging on the day of the event is done we have an awards ceremony, drink a few more beers, and conduct our HUGE raffle. Last year we had literally thousands of dollars of swag and equipment to raffle off.

It is a fantastic event, but it doesn’t happen by pure chance. It happens because of our dedicated members who are willing to volunteer their time to help setup, sort entries, steward, pre-judge, judge, and cleanup. It is an amazing opportunity to increase your knowledge of beer and brewing whether you steward or judge. Participation is highly encouraged.

This is the scope of work: We typically set the cutoff for entries about two weeks before the event. At that time, we have to physically unpack and sort all of the entries and label them. We then try and do as much pre-judging as possible. Pre-judging involves members getting together and judging beers in pairs, filling out a BJCP scoresheet, and recording the score. We try and have several pre-judging events in those two weeks. Competition day starts bright and early at 9am. At that point we judge flights until all of the entries are completed. Then we have the awards ceremony and raffle.