Fugetaboutit! Sponsor Shout Out

Fugetaboutit! is closer than you think! July 25th is the official competition date, but the entry cutoff is July 8th. That’s only a month away, so get brewing and get your entries in!

We have been working feverishly behind the scenes to make Fugetaboutit! a success. Part of that work has included reaching out to and working with the beer community to make sure we have some nice stuff for our raffle. And they have come through in a big way! Please consider our partners the next time you buy a beer or equipment or ingredients or whatever.

Here is a list of our sponsors.  Click a link and show them some love!

Keg Connection
Corny Keg
Micro Matic
Ss Brewing Technologies
Five Star Chemicals & Supplies, Inc.
Wyeast Laboratories, Inc.
American Homebrewers Association
Duda Diesel
Portland Growler Co.
Brewer’s Best
Briess Malt & Ingredients
Candi Syrup, Inc.
Cascade Beer Candi Company
Electric Brewing Supply
Hobby Beverage Equipment
Jaded Brewing
Music City Brew Supply
Pro Flow Dynamics
The Brew Bag
Yakima Valley Hops
High Gravity
Omega Yeast Labs
Brewers Publications
The Electric Brewery
Basic Brewing Radio
Got Beer Opener
Allagash Brewing Company
Foothills Brewing
Deschutes Brewery
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Lagunitas Brewing Co
William’s Brewing
Cargill Malt
Cool Brewing

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